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Hotmail Server Error is a frustrating issue that holds back the important work. Emails are best known for communicating and sharing information. Every day people are connecting and sharing information through emails. But if troubles like server occur then it causes a disturbance in the work process. Hotmail account is known to provide the best service. But sometimes technical default creates trouble in the services. Hotmail Server Error is a frustrating factor that users do not like to experience much. The server trouble can occur due to malfunctioning of the synching emails. This trouble can be solved by reconfiguring the account settings. Here, in this unit, we will discuss the reasons for Hotmail Server Error and solutions to troubleshoot it.

Reasons for Hotmail Server Error:

Hotmail Server Error can occur for many reasons. The server error can stop the important work to make the users suffer a lot. Some of the reasons for Hotmail Server Error are:

  • The server error can occur due to internet browser not getting updated for the latest version available.
  • It can also occur due to the network connection not being stable.
  • Server error can occur for the system not being upgraded regularly with the latest updates.
  • Disabling the antivirus, anti-malware and the firewall restricts the data packets which can cause server error.
  • The Hotmail Server Error can also occur if the DNS gets to stop working. You can also check the Google public DNS that will solve the server error.
  • If the above reasons are not the cause then it can occur due to Hotmail account settings.

These are some of the reasons that create disturbance in the work process of a user. It needs to be solving at earliest. Let us discuss the solutions to fix the Hotmail Server Error to have a hassle-free mailing process.

Methods to fix the Hotmail Server Error:

The Hotmail Server Error needs to fix as soon as possible. This server error creates big trouble in the work process. It comes to a stoppage in the working sector. In this section, we will discuss the solutions to solve the Hotmail Server Error.

Method 1: Check the Hotmail IMAP

  • In this process, firstly you will need to check out the Incoming Mail Server.
  • After this check the server address which is
  • Next check the port: 993
  • Now, check the encrypted connection SSL.

Method 2: Check the Outgoing Mail Server

  • Firstly, check the server address which is
  • Next, check the port: 25 or you can check the 587 if 25 is blocked.
  • Check out the authentication to be enabled.
  • Lastly, check the encrypted connection: TLS.

These are the methods that will help in troubleshooting the Hotmail Server Error. You can also follow these steps to solve the server error. The following steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, you will need to log in to your Hotmail account through the choice of your internet browsing.
  • Now, you will have to press the settings of the Hotmail account and choose options.
  • Next, select the connected devices and apps with POP.
  • After this, enable the POP.

By following up these solutions will help to solve the Hotmail Server Error. The server can also be solved by upgrading the email client. The user also needs to use the latest version of it. The users also need to automatic updates for the email client. The user can also take the technical help of Hotmail Technical Support team. The team member works to provide the best service to the customers. The best way to reach team members is by calling them. Call them at +1-888-621-0339 and talk with the team members directly.