How to fix issues of creating Hotmail account +1-888-621-0339

There are times when you find trouble while creating Hotmail Account which can be frustrating factor. Emails help to share information and connect with the other people. Mailing process is said to be the fastest process of communication. It helps in communicating in fastest possible way. When it comes to Hotmail, it is believed to provide the best email service. Users tend to love the features of the Hotmail accounts. But, sometimes issues might occur during creating Hotmail account. The disturbance can be frustrating at some point. This can be solved with the help of Hotmail Customer Support team. The team members eventually works to provide every solution to the issues related to Hotmail accounts. In this unit, we will discuss the issue of creating Hotmail account and the solutions to troubleshoot it.

Issues regarding creating Hotmail account:

Troubles can occur while creating Hotmail account due to some reasons. In this section we will learn the issues that makes disturbance in the mailing process. The error message appears as Microsoft Account problems, we need to fix your Microsoft account on windows. The problem can occur due to switching into a different browser or having low internet security. This issues needs to be solved to remove the errors while creating Hotmail account. In the next section we will discuss the methods for creating Hotmail account in a hassle free manner.

Methods in creating Hotmail account:

It is perform the steps for creating Hotmail account in a trouble free manner. Email is important to perform day to day activities. Let us discuss the methods for creating Hotmail account. The following methods are as follows:

Method 1: Select Password over PIN to sign in

The hotmail account provides the users both the options of selecting password or PIN to sign in for creating Hotmail account. There are some users who prefer using a PIN over Password. PIN is easier and convenient in remembering, than a long password. But there are some user’s reports having problem with a PIN that causes the above error message to appear. Here, you can replace the PIN with the regular password. This way the problem will fix easily.

Method 2: Switch off the Shared experiences

Sometimes, the Shared experiences feature gets enabled in Windows 10. This makes the device to configure in sharing or receiving data from the user device only. The solution to this disabling it and that way the error can be fixed.
There is another way to fix the error. You will have to click start and choose settings. Now, choose the System and then scroll down to the option Shared Experiences. There will be a switch that will toggle the Share across devices features to the on or off position. Next, turn off this feature by toggling the switch to the off position. This will also help in removing the issues while creating Hotmail account.
Emails helps in the communication process. These methods will help in removing the issues while creating Hotmail accounts. Users can also take the help of Hotmail Customer Support team by calling at +1-888-621-0339 and talking directly with the team members. The team member works hard to provide the best service to the customers.